Bulldogs Return to Practice, Not Too Crisp

After talking to Dan Mullen after today’s practice, I get the feeling he’s not going to try this approach again. It was the first spring session in two weeks for MSU, which got in four practices before spring break.

“Really sloppy today,” Mullen said. “But this is the first time I’ve ever done this where we took a break. I want to see how we do tomorrow. You come out here a lot more advanced than you would be Day 1, but it is almost like Day 1 all over again.”

As Mullen pointed out, being fresh isn’t a problem with the time off, and he said there was some good retention of what had been worked on previously. But, there was a high school coaches clinic today, and several former Bulldogs like Anthony Dixon and Derek Sherrod were on hand, so there was quite the crowd out there.

“Another little distraction for them, kind of changed our practice routine because of that,” Mullen said. “We’ll see, we’ll watch some of the film. More importantly (is) how we come out tomorrow and Saturday.”

MSU will practice again Friday and Saturday, doing some scrimmage work the latter day.

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