Catching Up with Anthony Dixon

I caught up with former MSU running back Anthony Dixon at Thursday’s practice, as did several other media members, so I’m probably the last to post something on him. Alas, I just this morning finally had time to transcribe the conversation.

So if you haven’t yet heard what Dixon had to say, well, here is a large sampling. As a rookie for the San Francisco 49ers, Dixon rushed for 237 yards on 70 carries (3.4 ypc) and two touchdowns.

Boy, do I miss him. So quotable and fun to be around.

• On MSU’s 2010 season (9-4, Gator Bowl win): “I was happy, man. I was talking smack all the way in California, man. I was talking to a lot of these dudes during the whole process. Me, I was just telling them to fight.”

• On California vs. Mississippi (he’s from Terry): “California, they’ve got great weather out there, everybody knows that story, good-looking girls, everybody knows that story. Mississippi’s home. There ain’t no place like home to me. The food a little bit better down here. I’m around more of my people, the country people. I go out there, and they’re like from the city, and everybody is telling me I’m country.”

• On new 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh: “We ain’t talking now (because of the lockout), but when I was down there I stayed after the season, and I kept working out. Eventually we got the new coach, and he came in and he met me. We got off to a good start. He saw I was putting in extra work, and he told me from the get-go that he wanted me to step up this year.”

• On the impression he hopes he’s made in San Francisco: “I guess the impression that I could be a workhorse for the team. That’s what I was trying to do. I just wanted to help any way I could. I hope that’s what coach is seeing, that I can be a workmanlike running back, and I can do whatever he wants me to do for them.”

• On whether he can be a feature back: “Oh, definitely. I can definitely lead the league in rushing and all them other categories. I’m just waiting to get my chance.”

• On playing with veteran RBs Frank Gore and Brian Westbrook: “Frank gave me a lot of pointers. We’re just out there every day, and he’ll pull me to the side, tell me kind of what to expect. I watched the way practiced, I watched the way he read the plays. Frank’s real smart, he’s a real smart football player, so I learned a lot from him mentally. He’s physical, too, so I just tried to watch him and Westbrook as much as I can, because everybody knows what they did, and I just wanted to soak it up, because I want to do what they did and maybe beyond.”

• On what he’s learned about making it in the NFL: “Whatever you’re doing, you’ve got to be consistent, because that’s the only way you can get the trust out of your coaches to play you. You don’t got to be the fastest, you don’t got to be the strongest, you don’t got to be the quickest, but you do got to be consistent. You’ve got to know where you’re supposed to be. If you show them that, they feel like they can use you.”

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