Coaches Support Cowbell Rule, Presidents On Deck

One more hurdle remains for Mississippi State to keep its cowbells legal.

After initially voting 10-2 against renewing the noisemaker rule put in place last year – that number is according to some of the media covering the SEC meetings – the SEC’s athletics directors had a change of heart once they learned the football coaches had thrown their support behind keeping it in place today. Now it’s up for approval by the school presidents on Friday.

And if the head honchos check off on it, MSU fans will again be allowed to bring their cowbells into Davis Wade Stadium and ring to their hearts’ content – during appointed times, of course.

“The football coaches’ vote was helpful. The ADs followed suit,” MSU athletics director Scott Stricklin told the Daily Journal’s Parrish Alford. Stricklin declined to name the other AD who initially supported upholding the rule.

He said that once the coaches made their thoughts known, there was no discussion by the ADs. They simply reconvened and granted their approval.

“I think there are a lot of misperceptions about it, but the coaches understand it really does not impact the game,” Stricklin said.

In addition to the presidents’ vote, we might also learn Friday whether MSU will be fined for violating the policy last season. Stricklin was informed after each of the Bulldogs’ first two SEC home games that the fans had not been in compliance, but Stricklin feels confident that was remedied for the last two games. If that’s the case, MSU would be facing a $30,000 fine – $5,000 for the initial offense, $25,000 for the second one.

“We got better as the year went along last year,” said Stricklin. “If we get it passed and have another opportunity, we’ll get better. Eventually the hope is you get to where this is not an issue. It can remain part of our tradition.”

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