Cohen Takes Issue with Umpiring; Quotables

While he never specifically referred to the umpiring crew in today’s game, a 7-4 Georgia win, MSU coach John Cohen insinuated that some bad calls did not go his team’s way.

“We’re going to see some video and see where there’s some real things that we can’t control about this game,” he said. “And it changes the whole nature of the game, but it happens. It’s just happening to us the last two days, which is frustrating. When the things you can’t control punch you in the face a little bit, and you see it on video, then it’s frustrating.”

Cohen argued a handful of calls, but then, so did Georgia coach David Perno. So neither coach was really happy with the crew of Tony Walsh, Kevin Assmann, and John Whitaker.

Cohen said he won’t send any video to the SEC offices.

“No, it’ll just be for us to enjoy. It is frustrating to watch video, and unfortunately you can only control the things you can control, and those are things that happened in the fourth inning that we can’t control. We’ve just got to move on, we can’t use it as an excuse.”

Other thoughts from Cohen today.

• On the offense: “We had a chance to come back, and obviously I think when it really counts, we don’t have great at-bats. And there’s a whole recipe it takes for great at-bats, and wanting to be the guy. It takes courage, No. 1, it takes a skill level, and we’re not displaying that right now as a team when it matters. It’s frustrating to me.”

• On freshman RHP Chris Stratton, who lasted just 3.2 innings: “He just didn’t throw enough strikes. He just lost his delivery, and that’s what freshmen do, and that’s why freshmen don’t pitch a whole lot in our league.”

• On Stratton’s eight strikeouts: “He got a lot of punchouts, but the punchouts aren’t economic. It takes a lot of pitches to strike people out. You’d much more prefer getting three-pitch outs versus strikeouts that are five, six pitches.”

And some thoughts from Stratton, who fell to 2-3.

• On his control issues: “I guess I got a little tired, I’m not sure. We don’t do tired around here, but we just need to fix it.”

• What he hopes to learn from this game: “Just keep going, just don’t get too rattled in any situation. I’ve got to pitch like I’m a lot older than I am. Gotta figure it out.”

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