DePasquale: (Probably) Not a Vampire, but a Heckuva Kicker

This week’s game: MSU (2-3) at UAB (0-4), Saturday, 11 a.m., SportSouth (Ron Thulin, J.C. Pearson and Jeremy Bloom), XM 201, Sirius 220.

As a handful of reporters approached Derek DePasquale on Tuesday night, he was seated and resting after doing a little bit of running during practice. He called it “fun.” Really? Fun?

“I like to stay in shape, look sexy, you know?”

That’s the kind of answer that makes DePasquale fun to talk to, and that comes through in today’s story on Mississippi State’s senior kicker. Among the many burning issues covered in that story and/or the interview: tinted contact lenses, facial hair, shoes, the possibility that DePaq is a vampire, and oh yeah, field goals.

I don’t know what to do besides just tossing a bunch of quotes out there, because honestly, the interview we had with DePasquale on Tuesday was sort of meandering and full of short (but not terse) exchanges. Here’s an audio sampling.

• No mustache, but he kinda looks like Grizzly Adams: “I lost the charger to my electric razor, so…”

• On his beloved – but discontinued – red-tinted MaxSight Nike contacts: “They’re for like outfielders in baseball and stuff. I used them when I played rugby and soccer. I miss them. I can’t find them anywhere. So if y’all can, let me know.”

• On being eight of nine on field goals: “I really haven’t been challenged this year. I was taught by my dad that you have to make everything inside 42 yards. That’s just a given. I’ve had one 47-yarder that I pulled a little left, other than that I haven’t really been challenged. Just been doing my job.”

• On his need for the contacts, which he used to wear in practice but never did in a game: “I want them for day games. I have really sensitive eyes. If I could, I’d wear a visor, but I don’t think (Dan) Mullen would like that.”

• I suggested sunglasses: “They won’t let me do that.” Apparently he’s lost his shades anyway.

• Regarding his shoes, on their exact shade of green: “I don’t know. I’ll look that up, and I’ll let you know.”

• On the suggestion he’s a vampire because of his aversion to sunlight: “These pretty blue eyes are sensitive to the light.”

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