Duffy Update; On the Links

There is a lot of concern about the status of ex-Bulldog Ryan Duffy, and there is a little more information coming out. Duffy was severely injured in a swimming accident over the weekend in Key West, Fla. The News-Press (Fort Myers, Fla.) has this update after speaking with Duffy’s father, Kevin.

“They were out in the middle of the night and jumping off a dock into some shallow water,” Duffy told the paper. “At first they thought he might have jumped in head first, but no one actually saw it.”

He added that an off-duty firefighter performed CPR on Ryan “and brought him back to life.” Duffy injured vertebrae and suffered a bruised spinal cord. He underwent a four-hour surgery on Saturday.

Kevin Duffy said his son is “definitely healing,” but doctors are keeping a close eye on pneumonia and swelling. So he’s not in the clear yet.

“The doctors told us … if it gets worse, we could lose him,” Kevin Duffy said.

Over the weekend, Duffy’s parents sent an e-mail to the folks at LeftFieldLounge.com giving details of Duffy’s condition and procedures performed by doctors.

I’ll have more details as I get them.

ON THE LINKS: In today’s Daily Journal, I have for you a football notebook chock full of football-iness. It’s delicious. … Auburn (MSU’s Sept. 9 opponent) scrimmaged Tuesday, and the offense shined. Cam Newton, a.k.a. the one who got away, threw three touchdown passes, two of them to ex-QB Kodi Burns. Apparently, though, Auburn’s D didn’t make it too hard on the offense.

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