Game Time Moved; Blog Bag Answers

First, need to let y’all know that Saturday’s Game 3 between MSU and LSU has been moved up to a noon start “due to impending weather conditions,” according to the press release. Also, senior recognition has been moved up to tonight, prior to the official 6:36 start.

Now, on to the Blog Bag.

Q: What does Coach John Cohen see as the more glaring “need” to turn this team around and make them a contender immediately?

A: That’s an easy one – pitching. The offense has been pretty solid, if inconsistent, this season. The defense needs work, but that’s teachable. Pitching has been a nightmare, but he’s addressing that through recruiting. He’s already signed guys like Chris Stratton (Tupelo), the Daily Journal’s 2008 Player of the Year; Luke Bole (Hartselle, Ala.), who’s also a power-hitting first baseman; Chad Girodo (Hartselle, Ala.); Ben Bracewell (Briarwood Christian, Chelsea, Ala.); Kendall Graveman (Benjamin Russell, Alexander City, Ala.); Matt Lane (Pope, Marietta, Ga.); and C.C. Watson (Cleburne Co., Heflin, Ala.)

Q: Understanding that times have changed since State was the dominant SEC baseball power, with all the upgraded facilities througout the SEC and country, what will Cohen need to return us to being that consistent top 10 powerhouse?

A: Good point. It’s a pretty level playing field now with these nice facilities and such. I think MSU can become a top-10 team, if it A) fills the aforementioned pitching vacuum, and B) the players fully buy into Cohen’s philosophy. If it can be done at Kentucky, you better believe it can be done at MSU, and then some.

Q: With Dan Mullen and Greg Byrne on Twitter, do you think the other coaches could wind up Tweeting away any time soon?

A: Rick Stansbury doesn’t seem like the Tweeting type, but I could see Cohen doing it. I bet his Twitter updates would be very entertaining.

Q: Do you know if any of the players tweet from athletics-specific accounts?

A: Great question. I spent (way too much) a little time this week trying to answer this question. I went through the football, basketball and baseball rosters and found no players with Twitter accounts. I imagine there’s good reason for that. I’ll get back with some coaches’ thoughts on it; probably could get a whole blog entry out of it.

Q: With Cohen (supposedly) already having told the team that only nine spots are coming back, where does that leave a kid? Free to transfer, free to walk on, give up baseball?

A: Let me get to this question next week, after the season’s over. I’ll probably get a better answer from Cohen then.

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