Johnson Suspended Indefinitely, Missed Practices

MSU coach Rick Stansbury has extended Ravern Johnson‘s suspension to indefinite status, he said this afternoon. The senior guard was suspended for Saturday’s game at LSU after he sent out Twitter message Wednesday night that were critical of Stansbury and MSU fans.

Johnson is suspended not only for that, but for violating the school’s class attendance policy. It’s the second time he’s been docked for that; he sat out a game in December. Stansbury said that suspension is rolled into the current one, but that the LSU game did not count toward the academic suspension.

Johnson, a senior guard, will at least be at practice today. After the Twitter incident he skipped practice Thursday and Friday, and Stansbury was not able to get in touch with him. Riley Benock said he hasn’t seen or heard from Johnson since then.

“After Thursday and Friday he had no conversations with nobody. He just disappeared,” Stansbury said.

Stansbury and Johnson finally spoke today.

“He seemed to be very remorseful for things,” Stansbury said. “Again, there’s accountability if you don’t do things right.”

So Johnson is for sure out Wednesday, when Arkansas pays a visit. Beyond that, who knows.

“No one else will tell me when he gets off suspension,” Stansbury said. “Ravern will help make that decision. I will make it.”

More from Stansbury in a little while.

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