Maroon-White Game: Who Ya Got?

Yes, I’m actually posting a prediction thread for the Maroon-White spring game (5 p.m., CSS). Hey, why not?

I mean, with the teams being split up, you’re not going to glean much about the depth chart and such. As coach Dan Mullen has said many times, this game is more about fun than work. (Although I think everything Mullen does is about work.)

I’ve studied the rosters and put together probable starting lineups, which I will not share here because that’d be a little much, no? I will tell you which team has the edge where, though.

Quarterback: Maroon. It’s got Chris Relf and Dylan Favre.

Running back: Maroon. Tough call here, but the Maroon squad has a little more depth with Vick Ballard and Robert Elliott.

Receiver: White. Talk about a tough call; you could call it a push. Maroon’s got Brandon Heavens, Jameon Lewis and Chris Smith, while the White has Chad Bumphis, Arceto Clark and Ricco Sanders. By the way, here is my story today on MSU’s wide receivers.

Tight end: White. With Marcus Green out, the Maroon team has to lean on redshirt freshman Brandon Hill. I don’t expect we’ll see Kendrick Cook, either, for the White, which gives redshirt freshman Malcolm Johnson a chance to show out (bet he will).

Offensive line: White. Another tough call, but the White team has Quentin Saulsberry and Gabe Jackson, who I’m told will likely play (he’s been dealing with a knee sprain).

Defensive line: Maroon. Easy call, as the Maroon has three sure-fire starters on its side: Josh Boyd, Fletcher Cox and Sean Ferguson.

Linebackers: Maroon. Could be a push, but Maroon has most experienced player in Cam Lawrence, while White has the hard-working Brandon Wilson at middle linebacker.

Defensive backs: White. With Johnthan Banks and Corey Broomfield at the corners and Charles Mitchell at safety, Mr. Relf will be greatly tested.

Special teams: White. One reason – no, two reasons: Derek DePasquale, and his mustache, which makes its return today.

Coaching: Maroon. Guest coaches are Lee and Leo Seal, who just pledged $12 million to MSU for that football complex. Hard to top that.

So we’ve got a split: Maroon with the edge in five categories, White as well. I said earlier in the week I was going with the Maroon squad (minus-3.5 for you degenerate gamblers), so I’ll stick with that.

Now, enjoy this long, hot day at MSU.

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