Media Day: Mullen Speaks

MSU had its football media day this afternoon, so we got to talk with Dan Mullen and a horde of players and assistant coaches. I have some player videos coming soon, but for now let’s hit some high points of Mullen’s Q&A session with reporters.

• He really likes the Leo Seal Football Complex that’s being built. “It’s going to be pretty special. Walking through it, if you haven’t walked through it, it’s unbelievable. It’ll be the premier facility in the Southeastern Conference, if not the nation.”

• Mullen likes the depth of this year’s squad. “We’re deeper than we’ve been since I’ve been the head coach. When the twos come on the field, you don’t see as significant a drop-off as maybe you have seen in the past.”

• MSU moved out to the South Farm practice fields today. “There’s no school, it’s just football time, it’s training camp, and I love being at a different a location for training camp than our normal location. This is a different time of year. Being out there at the Farm makes it feel different.”

• On evaluating in-state prospects (he takes a good-natured jab at yours truly): “We’re doing our own evaluation on these kids and whether it’s your newspaper, whoever is evaluating them, we trust ours. We have our own Dandy Dozen list. We have our own five stars in our deal. So, Brad, you need to make a list so I can reference you that we have our own list of your guys.”

• Here’s a lengthy take on quarterback Tyler Russell‘s development: “I’m really pleased because I think Tyler is much, much better right now than he was last year at this point. In understanding the defense, understanding the offense and decision making and throwing the football. He has really improved from last year to this year, and the interesting thing is, if you look at human nature, last year he was in a competition. This year he’s going to be a starter. You would think this is the time you can actually take your foot off the gas if you wanted to – human nature a little bit – because I’m going to be the guy. He’s actually continued to speed up and improve himself. That, to me, shows he has what we need, which is that winning attitude.”

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