Moore, Doctor Have Differing Accounts of Arm Injury

A Mississippi State team doctor’s account of Forrest Moore‘s arm injury does not completely jive with the details given by Moore in his lawsuit against the school and baseball coach John Cohen.

Documents obtained through an open records request include a letter from Dr. Rusty Linton to SEC Associate Commissioner Greg Stankey, a letter (dated June 22, 2009) that requests Moore be put on permanent medical status. It’s labeled as Exhibit A.

Moore and Linton agree on when the pitcher began experiencing arm problems (late March of 2009), but there is some contradictory information beyond that. It should be noted that nowhere in the letter does Linton say he is providing a comprehensive account of Moore’s injury history.

• Linton says Moore rehabbed with a team trainer, responded well to those treatments, and resumed pitching “with limitations in the number of throws.” In his lawsuit, Moore says he received no treatment and instead was required to keep pitching, which he claims caused further damage to his arm.

• Linton makes no mention of an April 28 exam in which Moore says he was informed by Linton that he had forearm tendinitis but no ligament damage.

• Linton says Moore re-injured his arm May 14, and that an MRI was ordered. He says the MRI showed no ligament damage and encouraged Moore to seek a second opinion. Linton says Moore sought noted sports surgeon James Andrews after that, and Linton says Andrews did find ligament damage. But Moore says he saw Andrews on May 4 – “despite the university not initially approving” the visit – and received a diagnosis of ligament damage at that time.

• Linton’s letter makes no mention of the MRI Moore underwent on April 13 from the university. Moore says radiologist Michael Buehler examined the MRI and reported an “elbow strain/sprain to the ulnar collateral ligament or, possibly, a partial tear.” Moore says Linton reviewed the same MRI and “reported only a muscle strain.” Linton makes no mention of reviewing this MRI.

• Linton says Moore “expressed that he would like a permanent medical status” from MSU, but Moore says that was the only option given to him by Cohen and assistant athletics director Mike Nemeth. One of the main contentions by Moore in his lawsuit is that Cohen wanted to take away all of his 80-percent scholarship.


Also among the documents obtained is the notice of claim issued to MSU president Mark Keenum. It says Moore is seeking $1 million to resolve his claim against the school. I’ve been told that is not a hard and fast number, but an out-of-court settlement certainly is an option in this case.

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