Mullen ‘Annoyed’ with Practice, Praises Strong Finish

The number of practices are starting to pile up, and Mississippi State is having to fight through some fatigue and sloppiness. Following today’s session – the eighth of preseason camp, and the only one today – coach Dan Mullen said the work was a mixed bag.

“I’m happy with the way we finished,” Mullen said. “I wasn’t really about the, you know, uh, two-thirds of the way through practice I was kind of getting a little annoyed. But I think we started good and got bad and then we finished strong. I was happy with how our guys were able to pull it together, sync it up and finish strong.”

Asked if he was annoyed by the effort or just everything, he said, “Yes. You know what I mean. As it gets hot, it’s a hot day, you’re full pads, you’ve been out there for awhile. I think you lose focus, as soon as you lose focus, you stop giving great effort, then execution gets sloppy.”

MSU began two-a-days yesterday, with every other day being a single-practice day. While players are having to sweat it out, one benefit is that Mullen and his assistants can start evaluating some players and position groups. State has been in full pads since Monday.

Mullen singled out the secondary and receivers and noted they are doing as well as expected.

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