Mullen, Grobe Speak on Eve of Game

The Music City Bowl hosted a superfluous press conference at LP Field today with MSU coach Dan Mullen and his Wake Forest counterpart, Jim Grobe. What did we learn? Nothing of great importance.

But I got video.

Yet I feel an obligation to pass along a few quotes to sate your hunger for information. Because after I knock out my notebook for tomorrow’s Journal, I’m gonna try and stay away from the keyboard for a while.

Let’s hear first from Mullen.

• On the team attending last night’s Nashville Predators game: “They were interested in what the black ball they played with was when they went to the game. Now they know it’s a puck.”

• On blocking out bowl week distractions: “I think we’ve done a good job. We’re always stressing on our guys about the three or four hours a day that we are on football, they need to be completely focused on football and preparations. And then enjoy the rest of the day doing their other things.”

• Reaffirming the QB situation: Chris (Relf) will start for us. Tyler (Russell) said he felt good today, so we’ll see how he goes tomorrow, whether we rotate him or just try to stick with Chris the whole game.”

• Any other injuries? “No. I think we’re pretty healthy, ready to go.”

Now for a few thoughts from Grobe, who stood up there with Mullen when it was finished for one of those awkward photo ops.

• On the season-ending loss to Vanderbilt serving as motivation: “Certainly immediately after the game we didn’t have a very happy football team. Having the opportunity to play another game’s important to our guys. We’re playing a great team in Mississippi State. We know the challenge is great, but that was a bad loss for us at the end of the year.”

• On the cowbells: “Well, Dan reminded us today at the luncheon that cowbells are actually a musical instrument. … We know it’s going to be a tough environment. We’re expecting the cowbells to be going full speed.”

• On MSU’s offense: “They do a good job mixing in the option and the throw game, and so for us it’s more of a scheme concern. We’re very concerned about the things that they do offensively rather than who they’ve got doing them. … Both quarterbacks are really, really good, but both of them do a nice job in their scheme.”

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