Mullen Reviews Scrimmage; On the Links

The day after he and his wife’s second child entered this world on Friday, Dan Mullen watched tape of the scrimmage he missed. It was a little different for him, watching film of something he hadn’t seen live.

“You get a very outsider’s look of it,” he said. “The first thing I guess was read all of your guys’ reports, and then I watched the reality of the situation, which was very different than what you guys reported on.” (GROUP CHORTLE) “I kind of come in with a bias, watch it, and very different. I was very pleased with the second-team defense and the first-team offense. The first-team offense and second-team defense won that scrimmage.”

I had the defense as a whole winning the scrimmage, as the offenses had more turnovers (five) than touchdowns (four). The first-team offense scored three of the TDs and also committed three of the turnovers – all interceptions by Darius Slay off Tyler Russell passes.

“Made a couple of plays, made a couple of mistakes, too,” Mullen said of Slay. “Got lucky. A lucky interception’s not a great one. The one he made on the sideline, the one-handed one, that was a great one. He put himself in position, and it was going to be an incomplete pass, and he turned it into an interception. He was in position to break up the ball.

“The first one was just pure luck. They just flat ran by him and we underthrew the ball. Should have been a touchdown. So those are things you want to correct off of the guys.”

Russell has watched the tape, too, and while he’s not happy about the interceptions, he’s not too discouraged. He completed 16 of 33 passes for 310 yards.

<p>“It’s just some little things,” he said. “Of course I threw three picks, but if you go back and look at it, if we would’ve converted the play before, things like that, we had penalties that backed us up, and then you try to force something. Now it’s third down and 15. I tried to force a long throw when I should’ve just checked it down and moved on, even if we had to punt.”

Russell’s backup, Dak Prescott, felt better after watching the tape, too.

“The O-line got shook up a little bit. We just had to concentrate, try to slow things down, but it wasn’t as bad as we thought.”

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