Mullen Wants ‘Impact’ in Scrimmage; Injuries Update

On Saturday, MSU will hold its first full scrimmage of the spring. Following today’s practice, head coach Dan Mullen said he’s eager to see live action.

“When you do controlled situations like this, you don’t feel any impact of any plays,” he said. “You don’t feel the impact of a turnover, you don’t feel the impact as much of a sack. You don’t feel the impact of a long pass or a long run. I think in a scrimmage situation, in a game situation, you’re going to feel that more.”

The team went into meetings immediately after today’s practice, and Mullen hopes to “clean up” some things before tomorrow’s scrimmage. There’s plenty to clean up, with today’s practice marked by some poor throws, dropped passes, and bad snaps.

Of the passing game today, Mullen said, “It’s always going to keep taking time to develop with those guys. All the timing of our receivers and the timing of the quarterback getting things down, especially when you install and then a lot of different defensive looks come at you, you’ve got to get used to seeing those things.”

Mullen said he’s getting close to wrapping up the installation process. “So now everything’s in the mind, now we’ve just got to get it from the mind down into the body and get them moving fast.”

INJURIES UPDATE: Working ony in “the pit” today were RB Montrell Conner (knee) and TE Thomas Webb (toe). Mullen isn’t sure if Conner will participate in the scrimmage.

“It might be a couple more days,” he said. “They didn’t think it’s bad. I’m going to go meet with the doctors now. They wanted to check it out today, they didn’t think it was much. But he was just kind of sore. But as he is, we’ll try to get him ready for mid-next week.”

DL Josh Boyd “tweaked” his ankle, but Mullen didn’t think it was too serious. CB Corey Broomfield (shoulder) took part in non-contact and 7-on-7 drills. Mullen thinks he could be in on live-action stuff tomorrow, but he’d have to use a “quick whistle” when a play went Broomfield’s direction.

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