On the Links: Media Day Coverage

I burned a lot of megabytes yesterday. Not counting Dan Mullen, I spoke with 13 MSU players and assistant coaches at media day, which means one thing: Lots of transcribing.

Plenty of material was gathered, and some of it found its way into today’s Journal. So I have a couple of links for you this morning.

• I did a story on backup quarterback Dak Prescott, who’s a Tyler Russell knee injury away from being a starting SEC quarterback (CLICK HERE). Prescott is being prepped like a starter, and he will see some action this fall even if Russell remains healthy.

As he talks about in the story, Prescott is trying to develop the patience of a pocket passer, but his running ability is certainly an asset.

“Some of the things that have been antsy for him is when he sees that open seam and he creases it. I’m not going to be upset about that either, now,” offensive coordinator Les Koenning said. “Let’s don’t take his ability away from him. But he’s going to learn as he gets better and recognizes coverages and blitzes and stuff, where the ball exactly goes. Tyler went through that learning stage, too.”

If you’ve not yet seen the Prescott video I took yesterday, CLICK HERE.

• I also had a notebook featuring Denico Autry, Damien Robinson and MSU heading to South Farm (CLICK HERE).

I’ll have more from yesterday’s interviews in the near future. As for today, I’ll be heading back to Starkville to speak with Mullen and a handful of offensive players. And I’ll be working on a column (topic TBD). Much work ahead, but I’ll be back here soon.

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