On the Links: Opinion Offering, and Some Football

Today’s opinion offering examines the ethos of MSU baseball, which emanates from coach John Cohen. The 2011 team was an especially tight-knit group, from seniors on down to the freshmen, and they never thought they were out of a game. They seemed to fully believe in Cohen’s approach.

Just look at the Gainesville Super Regional. The Bulldogs won Game 2 on a ninth-inning walkoff homer, then erased an early 4-0 defiict in Game 3 and took the lead before losing 8-6. This team, despite its struggles and the expectations of others, came within just a few outs of reaching the College World Series.

And that’s exactly where Cohen expected his team to be. MSU didn’t have the conventional makeup of a CWS team, but not making it is going to eat at Cohen for a while. That’s the sort of expectation he’s built into this program.

The media will meet with Cohen later today to get his thoughts on this past season and what’s to come, so stay tuned.

Chris Low of ESPN.com is ranking the SEC teams by position this week, and today he’s looking at running backs. He’s got MSU’s backfield at No. 6 and writes, “It’s a crime to put the Bulldogs this low, but it goes to show you just how deep and talented the running position is in the SEC.”

Wes Bunting has been breaking down NFL Draft prospects from each team, and here’s his take on some Mississippi State players. He calls quarterback Chris Relf “a gifted piece of clay that can be molded but is going to need a lot of work.”

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