On the Sunday Links: Focus on Football

I’m out here at Dudy Noble Field for Game 3 between MSU and No. 10 Arkansas. Here’s my account of Saturday’s game, an 8-5 Hogs win.

But I want to focus on football for a minute. MSU held its second full scrimmage of the spring on Saturday, and both sides of the ball did good things. Coaches are closely watching several position battles, and in today’s Daily Journal, I take a look at three of the most important ones: quarterback, tailback and cornerback.

Certainly there are other big-time battles going on, like on the defensive line and at strongside linebacker. And if you’ve got a hard copy of the Journal, you’ll also find a depth chart, which is, to borrow a phrase, a living, breathing document.

A question: At what point will we start seeing some separation in these battles? Possibly as early as this week. As coach Dan Mullen said about the quarterbacks, “They should be accelerating at very fast steps this week. Teaching’s done, they should feel comfortable with things. This is where you should see the biggest improvements.”

So, will Tyler Russell accelerate faster than Chris Relf? Or will Relf keep his current first-string status well-intact? I’m betting on a dead heat heading into August, which means we’re nowhere near done examining and analyzing these positions and those who play them.

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