Opinion Offering: Speculatin’ on Mullen; On the Newton Links

In today’s opinion offering, I examine the madness that is the coaching rumor mill and how MSU’s Dan Mullen has been sucked into it. I’m not really decrying the phenomenon, because after all, Mullen’s a hot commodity and thus greatly helps feed the insatiable 24/7 news cycle.

I’m a realist when it comes to this issue. As I wrote in the column, coaches have to lie in these situations. I’m not saying Mullen’s lying, because I don’t know whether he’s been contacted by Miami. He said he hasn’t, so I’ll take his word for it – but I also won’t be shocked if I learn otherwise. He certainly seems to be a candidate.

I also wrote that Miami is a better job than MSU. Some of you might bristle at that, but come on, let’s be honest here: It’s Miami. It’s had some down years, but at which place do you think it’s easier to win a national championship?

At some point, Mullen’s going to leave. I don’t think it’s now, because even though Miami’s got a good program, I don’t know that he’s ready to move on. While he’s done great things at MSU, Mullen hasn’t finished the job. He still has plenty to prove, and he seems determined to prove it.

Assuming he sticks around another two to three years and gets MSU to the top of the Western Division, and then leaves, at least he’ll have the program at a place that makes it more attractive to other coaches.

NEWTON LINKAGE: Here’s my story on MSU disassociating itself from Kenny Rogers. … And here is the main story on Cam Newton being declared eligible. … Jon Solomon of The Birmingham News writes that the Newton ruling exposes a loophole. … Here’s a timeline of the Newton saga.

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