Parks, Ogden Getting Treatment This Week

Jarrod Parks leads the SEC in hitting (.409), and he’s doing that despite playing in pain. Coach John Cohen said this morning that his senior third baseman is going to Jackson today to have “some work” done on his back – Parks missed all of last season after having back surgery in January 2010.

Due to some scheduling confusion, Parks isn’t actually due in Jackson until Tuesday. I caught up with him this afternoon as he drove back to Starkville, and he said he’ll be receiving an epidural injection for a bulging disc.

Cohen said he does not expect Parks to miss any games. MSU is off until Saturday, when it plays a doubleheader against Alabama in Starkville.

“To get him out there every weekend, or in the middle of the week, he has to have periods of time off,” Cohen said. “The other thing about Jarrod is, there are several things in the weight room he can’t do. You’re talking about a kid who is restricted in many, many ways, really since the moment he got here. To accomplish what he’s accomplishing is a real testament to how much he puts into it.”

Parks said he doesn’t feel any pain during games, but he often does the day after. He said adrenaline carries him through the games.

“I don’t ever feel it on the field,” Parks said. “After the game I’m kind of sitting around, it’ll tighten back up. Sometimes it’ll get kinda bad, but nothing to where I’m like, ‘Oh, I can’t play the next day.’ Nothing that serious.”

Also receiving treatment this week is senior shortstop Jonathan Ogden, who’s been playing with a pulled abdominal muscle. Cohen said he’ll probably get a cortisone shot.

So this is a good week for those two, and others as well, to heal up a bit and rest.

“They’re in significant pain, and they’re seniors, and they’re leaders, and we want them out there,” Cohen said. “Quite frankly, with the position they play, with our depth situation, they know how badly we need them, and they will say or do whatever it takes to get on the field.”

Cohen also said freshman outfielder/pitcher C.T. Bradford has been dealing with a pulled hamstring suffered Tuesday against Ole Miss. He started all three games in the field this weekend but was kept off the mound while the hammie heals.

I’ll have a feature on Parks in the Journal later this week.

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