Relf is One of SEC’s Big Boys (Literally)

News flash: Chris Relf is big, especially for a quarterback.

Sure, we all knew that, but I have a little anecdote to help me illustrate the point. I’ve also got some interesting figures, but first the anecdote.

As I was leaving MSU’s campus yesterday, I spotted three athletes standing by the road outside the Templeton Athletic Academic Center (all football players, I believe). From a distance, one player stood out for his sheer size. I figured it was an offensive lineman – perhaps Quentin Saulsberry or Gabe Jackson – or maybe a tight end like Kendrick Cook.

As I came up on the group, I saw who it was: Relf.

I’ve been up close and personal with Relf on dozens of occasions, so I know very well how big he is. Still, it was striking to see him standing there. I had to remind myself he’s a quarterback.

Relf is listed as 6-foot-4, 245 pounds. Among the projected starting SEC quarterbacks for this fall, he is the heaviest. Next comes Kentucky’s Morgan Newton (235 pounds) and South Carolina’s Stephen Garcia (230).

Of course, several QB positions are still up for grabs, and while Jordan Jefferson (6-5, 224) appears to be No. 1 for LSU, transfer Zach Mettenberger is expected to push the senior. If he won the job, the 6-5, 250-pound Mettenberger would be the biggest starting QB in the league.

In terms of height, only Jefferson and Tennessee’s Tyler Bray (6-6) are taller than Relf (plus Mettenberger, if you want to count him).

Relf’s size has made him a fearsome runner, as evidenced by his 713 rushing yards last season. In Blue Ribbon’s preview of MSU on, it’s written that Relf “has a tight end’s body, which makes him all the more dangerous on the run.”

Well, just how does Relf stack up size-wise with the SEC’s tight ends? Of the projected starting tight ends (per Phil Steele), Relf weighs as much or more than seven of them. He’s as tall or taller than most of them, too, and he’s bigger than starting MSU tight end Marcus Green (6-1, 240).

Heck, Relf is bigger than every MSU linebacker on the current roster.

So maybe if things don’t work out for Relf as a quarterback in the pros, he could try his hand elsewhere.

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