Russell, Favre Keep It Competitive for Relf

There is but one No. 1 quarterback for Mississippi State, as I wrote in today’s Journal, but there are three guys with the mentality of being No. 1.

Chris Relf, as we know, is the main man under center. He’s earned it with his performance in 2010, and he further cemented that position with a strong spring.

Tyler Russell and Dylan Favre, who will likely be battling it out for the starting job next year, are nevertheless acting the part of contenders for 2011.

“To me, I’m still battling for a No. 1 job, so until somebody tells me something different, I’ll go from there,” Favre said.

That’s a good approach to have, because it can help keep Relf on his toes, keep him just uncomfortable enough to not become lax or take his position for granted. Relf is glad for the extra motivation.

“They push me a lot,” he said. “I feed off them, they feed off me. I got the upper hand, I played all last season. I’m just going to work hard every day, each and every day and compete with the guys.”

• I mentioned in the story that Favre is still trying to gain a full working knowledge of the offense. He’s already come to understand the best approach to playing quarterback in the SEC.

“In high school I played with a mentality that I want to score a touchdown every time I touch the ball,” Favre said. “And that doesn’t work here in the SEC. You’ve got to take what the defense gives you, check the ball down if something’s not there, even if it’s third-and-long, we don’t necessarily have to get a first down.”

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