SEC West: A Quick Check of the Standings

Each game day from here on out has the potential to see some movement in the SEC Western Division standings. Mississippi State walloped Tennessee on Friday, 16-5, and coupled with South Carolina’s 6-1 win over Ole Miss put the Bulldogs (27-18, 9-13 SEC) into a tie for fourth in the West.

Here’s how the standings look heading into today’s games:

• Arkansas 12-11

• Alabama 10-12

• Auburn 10-12

• Ole Miss 9-13

• MSU 9-13

• LSU 8-14

This is obviously a weekend where the Bulldogs can make quite a move up the standings. The Volunteers are not a strong team, and the Rebels will doing good to take even one game from the No. 2-ranked team in the country, which is on a seven-game winning streak.

The SEC Tournament takes the two division winners and the next six-best teams according to league record. MSU and Ole Miss are tied for that eighth position right now. The Bulldogs’ second game with UT is today at 3 p.m.

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