Sidney Injury Not Serious; Bulldogs Face Media

Renardo Sidney caught a bad break in Chicago yesterday. According to people covering a camp being held there, the 6-foot-10 Mississippi State sophomore rolled his ankle.

Evan Daniels, national basketball recruiting analyst for, was on hand and sent out a couple of tweets describing what he saw. The first: “Renardo Sidney is down in some serious pain. Grabbing at ankle. Been down for a few minutes…” And when asked how bad the injury appeared to be, Daniels wrote, “Appeared to be an ankle injury. Was on crutches.”

MSU team trainer Scott Johnson told me last night that he hadn’t been able to get in touch with Sidney, but a team spokesman said this morning the injury is “not serious.” The team will learn more today.

Sidney was at the adidas Nations camp. also mentioned his injury. Here’s what they wrote:

“6’10 Renardo Sidney appears to have been working hard on his body coming in at least 25 lbs slimmer than when he was last seen on the bench at Mississippi State. Sidney had a solid morning set of drills but unfortunately rolled his ankle attempting a crossover from the top of the key just minutes after the college scrimmages began. Sidney laid on the floor for a couple minutes before being helped off, his adidas Nations camp apparently over.”

Sidney was already going to miss the first nine games of the season as a penalty for the NCAA’s findings during its amateurism evaluation. It’s unclear if this will cost him additional games, but it obviously could limit him during offseason workouts. Preseason practices begin Oct. 15 for MSU.

MEET THE MEDIA, AGAIN: We had SEC Media Days a few weeks ago. Today, MSU’s football team will formally meet the press at 1 p.m. Plenty of interviews to get done then.

Then at 4, the Bulldogs return to the practice field for its fourth practice of the preseason, the second full-team workout. Like yesterday, they’ll be in helmets and shoulder pads. Full-pad, full-contact work begins Sunday.

And for your viewing pleasure, here is a slideshow from Thursday’s practice.

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