Stricklin Talks Football Honorees, Other Topics

I caught up with AD Scott Stricklin on Thursday, and we touched on a variety of subjects, just some random things I’d wanted to ask about. Nothing groundbreaking, but I think they’re of interest. So, here you go.

• Regarding the football honorees that were announced last weekJack Cristil, Johnie Cooks, D.D. Lewis and Jackie Parker make up the inaugural class – Stricklin said the school has not yet decided exactly what form the recognitions will take. I’ve heard people talk about a ring of honor, and it could wind up looking something like that.

“We’re still trying to figure out the best way to do that. We probably will attach the names to the fascia on the east or west side of the upper deck.” (If you’re wondering exactly what a fascia is, well, here you go.)

He said more than likely the honorees’ names will be put up in some fashion. And they’ll likely be in place before the first home game on Sept. 10.

“It’s probably going to be efficient to put the names up, then bring them back and honor them individually.”

• MSU is also installing ribbon-type video boards on each side of the stadium. It’ll be a place for fans to see in-game stats, out-of-town scores, etc., and Stricklin said sponsorships will be sold. The boards will cost about $1.4 million.

• Since the announcement last week of a $12 million gift from the Seal family, MSU has received more donations toward the planned football complex. Stricklin said one family gave $500,000.

“We continue to get folks who are helping out with that project. Like I said last week at the announcement, our staff is working really hard to talk to people about opportunities and ways they can help. And we continue to get some positive feedback on that.”

• The basketball practice facility is practically finished. Stricklin said furniture will start going in later this month, and the moving process will begin in May.

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