Super Bulldog Weekend Checklist

It’s the biggest weekend of the spring at MSU: Super Bulldog Weekend, with the centerpiece being Saturday’s Maroon-White game, which will go off at 5 p.m. at Davis Wade Stadium. Coach Dan Mullen is expecting 40,000 of you to show up for it. While Alabama fans would chuckle at such a number, it would be a big deal for MSU. Last year, 30,000-plus filled DWS, and the enthusiasm engendered by Mullen has not abated, thanks in part to a season-closing Egg Bowl win over Ole Miss.

But before you go, you’d better make sure you’ve got everything you need for a weekend full of activities, like baseball, an arts festival, and lots of eating. So here is your checklist for SBW.

Cowbell(s): Like I need to tell you this.

Sunblock: Do as I say, not as I do. I always forget this before watching two hours of practice, which explains the red noggin.

Poncho: There is a chance of rain Saturday. Plus, if you’re at the baseball game and sitting near the field, you’ll wanna watch out for John Cohen‘s spittle (although the umpire will probably catch most of it).

Earplugs: For the kids. If you’re seated near the field at the spring scrimmage, be forewarned that Mullen and his coaches are a, um, colorful bunch.

Extra shirt: The annual pig cooking contest begins Friday morning behind McArthur Hall, and there will be a “Sampling of the Grill” at the Mississippi Pork Producers/Mississippi Farm Bureau tent at 4 p.m. (Just follow your nose.) And if you’re like me, barbecue sauce is attracted to your shirt like teenagers to bad music.

Radio & headphones: Two uses for these. A) To listen to Jim Ellis call the baseball game while you watch it. B) To listen to Jim Ellis call the baseball game while your woman drags you down to the Cotton District Arts Festival on Saturday.

Maroon and/or white clothing: It’s kind of the theme this weekend.

Camera: So you can take pictures at the spring game of distant, fuzzy players to post on your Facebook wall. And/or to get a picture taken with Bully, the mascot.

• <strong>Sharpie & paper: Mullen and the Bulldogs will be signing autographs at 11 a.m. Saturday at the Fan Fair location near The Junction. Maybe Mullen will bring his own Sharpie, I don’t know, although I heard the “guest coaches” will actually be signing Mullen’s name.

Wagering money: At halftime, Bully and Mullen’s Wheaten terrior, Heisman, will have a friendly wrestling match at the 50-yard line. Winner gets to be a “guest coach” the second half. Because honestly, they could do just as good a job as those moneybags.

There, now you’re prepared. Be safe and have fun, and I’ll see you there.

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