Updates on Moultrie, Varnado, Expansion

A lot of this, that and the other in the news this morning.

MOULTRIE TO MSU: Evan Daniels of ScoutHoops.com is reporting that ex-UTEP big man Arnett Moultrie is transferring to Mississippi State, even though the conditions of his scholarship release apparently prohibit him coming to Starkville. Of course, Moultrie, a 6-foot-11, 225-pound forward with two years of eligibility remaining, could walk on this year and then go on scholarship the next year.

It’s widely believed that Moultrie will be a one-year player anyway, and there is some surprise among experts that he withdrew his name from the NBA Draft this year. As I wrote a few weeks ago, MSU could definitely use another big body.

SCOUTING VARNADO: Ex-Bulldog big man Jarvis Varnado worked out for the Milwaukee Bucks yesterday in preparation for the June 24 NBA Draft. MSU team spokesman Gregg Ellis was kind enough to pass along some quotes from the Bucks’ director of scouting, Billy McKinney, on Varnado.

On shot blocking translating to the NBA: “Well, it depends on who the player is, because if we look at the NCAA record holder for shot blockers (Wojciech Mydra), he never played a game in the league. (Hasheem) Thabeet, who was one of the top picks in the draft, has struggled a little bit in that area. I can’t say that it does necessarily but I think that the two guys that we have in today, should they find themselves in the league, it’s something that they’ll do consistently.”

On Varnado as an intriguing prospect: “He’s a guy we’ve looked at his entire year at Mississippi State this year, as well as his entire career. (He’s) a very good shot blocker, a good athlete, and he is a little raw offensively, so he’d be a good complementary player to some of the guys we have in our lineup right now.”

On where Varnado might get drafted: “I think it’d be a stretch for us to say that we’d look at him for 15. But he could go late in the first round or possibly early second round.”

HORNS STAY PUT: It’s kind of disappointing to see the expansion train slowing down. Texas announced yesterday that, after openly flirting with another girl at a party, it will return to the desperately pining Big 12/10.

So that could mean that nobody else will leave the league, which makes Colorado feel pretty stupid, I’m sure. And there’s nothing new on the Big Ten expansion front, which all means that the SEC is sitting back and laughing at all these silly games being played.

But, it’s a long summer. I’m sure this story isn’t dead yet.

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