Vickerson’s Shot Evoked Visceral Fan Reactions

Jimmy Dugan was wrong: There is crying in baseball.

For the fans, at least. Crying was among the varied visceral reactions Mississippi State fans experienced on Saturday when senior Nick Vickerson smashed a two-run walkoff home run in Game 2 of the Gainesville Super Regional, giving the Bulldogs a 4-3 win. Florida went on to win Game 3 and thus the series, but Vickerson’s shot was a moment that you can bet will get a lot of play on the Dudy Noble Field video board next season.

I polled my Twitter followers this morning, asking how they reacted when the moment happened. Some were at home, others were driving down the road. Some saw it on TV, others were listening to Jim Ellis make the call. There was high-fiving and hugging and screaming and cursing and, yes, crying.

I’ve picked out some of the best responses (quoted verbatim, with a few exceptions for clarity’s sake), but I thank all who participated. Good stuff.

• @msudogfan: “I was at game. I hugged AND high fived every MSU fan in sight. Even though we lost series I rank that high on my fave msu moments.”

• @WMcC6: “I screamed. My kids came in from outside to find out what happened.”

• @gravytrainmsu: “Loud noises.”

• @MBoler_MSU: “I was jumpin up & down screamin at the top of my lungs & started cryin tears of joy and excitement.”

• @LeeTollison: “When Vick hit the walkoff I ran the bases in my apartment.”

• @NotCalebBrown: “Screaming in my car by myself while stuck in traffic. Had a lady to my left giving me a funny look.”

• @bulldawgjoe: “I was driving down the road both stoked & ticked off b/c I had just left a party (time to go) that had the game on TV.”

• @toddP91: “I jumped up, chest bumped my brother, ripped my shirt off, fist pumped in the air. Then watched replay while catching my breath.”

• @PlattsburgDawg: “I started yelling and ran into the yard and jumped up and down with tears in my eyes.”

• @Carson_Young: “I was listening on the app on way to beach. Cell signal went out when Jim said pitchers name. Came back and he said we won. Crazy.”

• @Dawgdom: “Pain…from my son giving me a very spirited and enthusiastic high five…then pure joy.”

• @ParrotheadDawg: “I was playing @ MS State Team Tennis Tourney; players on both sides of court started cheering as word spread from court to court.”

• @BriantheDawg: “I thought my neighbors were going to call the cops on me I was yelling and cursing so loud.”

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