2010 QB, the candidates | Ole Miss Sports

Nathan Stanley, Raymond Cotton, Randall Mackey

Stanley – long and lean at 6-5 with Snead-like mobility. 11-for-23, 1 TD, 1 INT on the year, mostly mop-up duty. 2-for-7 with a pick in the Cotton Bowl. Has shown nice touch on the deep ball during workouts. At times early on threw more practice picks than coaches were comfortable with.

Cotton – Thicker than Stanley and still 6-4. Gets credit for his mobility and sometimes people forget to talk about his arm, but it’s strong and can be accurate.

Randall Mackey – The most athletic of the group. Had Snead come back Mackey would have had some type of role most likely either at Wild Rebel or receiver. With Snead gone he becomes a legitimate option for the full-time starter. While Mackey has tremendous upside he also has complications. Right now he is only a verbal commit who is expected to sign and be on campus sometime in the summer. It was hoped that he would sign in December but one class kept that from happening. Once he gets on campus you’re asking a brand new player to learn your most complex position and be ready to go, not just to be average but to be very good, in a matter of weeks. Not an easy thing to do, but he will be given every chance.

The guess is the starter comes from Stanley or Cotton and that Stanley’s very limited game experience gives him only a slight edge in the race with plenty of time and opportunity for Cotton to make a move if he can.

Mackey will still have a role, and it will be increased, but winning the job will be hard.

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