8.14 Practice Report | Ole Miss Sports

VIDEO: Freeze after practice

This morning was one of those workouts that players just kind of “get through.”

Hugh Freeze used the word “challenging” to describe it. He has talked before about the need to “manufacture” enthusiasm during a work out. He did some of that today with some success.

Lots of work for Maikhail Miller at QB today. That’s because Bo Wallace was out with a blister on his throwing hand. Miller did some good things, had some nice throws. He and Barry Brunetti handled the reps at quarterback.

Freshman WR Cody Core had probably his worst day of camp last Saturday during the scrimmage. He’s been good the last two days, and he’ll be a part of the WR rotation.

CB Wesley Pendleton, who missed Monday with a sprained MCL, will be out for a few days. He attended today’s practice but was in shorts and a helmet.

RB Jeff Scott, who took a hit to the head last week, was also limited.

In trying to manufacture the enthusiasm, Freeze announced that the losing side of the ball during the competition period would have “gassers” to run. The offense had the first set to run, but the enthusiasm followed, and the defense had its share of gassers too.

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