8-23 Practice Report | Ole Miss Sports

As game week gets closer there is less drama at practice each day unless it involves injury. Today it did not, except for more good news, with Collins Moore catching balls and looking good doing it, we’re told.

Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze continues to cite progress in the recovery of Charles Sawyer and Wesley Pendleton, good news for he Ole Miss secondary.

Freeze said he liked the energy of today’s practice and cited “phenomenal” catches by Vince Sanders and Ja-Mes Logan.

He’s still looking for a turnover-free day from his quarterbacks. Bo Wallace threw a pick today, the only turnover among he and Barry Brunetti, that Freeze said was a wrong decision. Freeze took responsibility, saying, “We need to coach them better and let them know what we want them to do on that play.”

The position switch of E.J. Epperson from tight end to defensive end looks like it will end with a starting job for Epperson, who continues to run first team. Coaches really like Epperson’s attitude and effort.

I asked defensive coordinator Dave Wommack about Channing Ward’s week, and he was the third coach I’ve heard talk about how Ward “looks the part.” Wommack didn’t have much to say about Ward’s mental week but finished off that subject by laughing, stressing that Ward will definitely play and saying, “Do I look crazy?”

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