Armour getting his steps down | Ole Miss Sports

It takes all newcomers a period of time to acclimate, and unfortunately for Ole Miss, it has taken junior college transfer Wayne Dorsey longer than some two-year guys.

Dorsey may turn out to be a very good player, a player in keeping with the reputation that preceded him.

But the Rebels needed production now, and that’s where LaMark Armour comes in.
In his switch from end to tackle last week, the sixth-year senior had six tackles and a half sack. He played about 50 snaps, double what he might usually play in a rotation at defensive tackle, and helped the Rebels hold Alabama to 100 yards rushing.

“I thought he did well. I don’t remember any major breakdowns. He helped us in the running game, and he applied pressure a few times in the passing game. We were happy with his production,” defensive coordinator Tyrone Nix said.

Armour played his snaps at end but also played at tackle last week on third downs and in obvious passing situations.

While some teams try to establish the run, every down is an obvious passing situation for Arkansas and coach Bobby Petrino.

Armour, at 280 pounds, knows his beef is important and knows why he is getting this chance. He wants to do more than help against the run from his end position and is working on some fundamental things this week to make that happen. Rushing from the end spot, where you’re playing in space to some degree, is different than rushing as a down lineman when you’re in constant contact with the offensive lineman and trying to defeat the block.

“I think I did OK on the run. It’s different out there going from tackle to end in rushing the passer. The speed of the game on the outside is different from the inside. I have to work on that this week.

I can do the steps, I’m capable of everything. The steps are different, but I can still do it.”

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