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I’ve always been interested at the way Auburn fans greet one another with “War Eagle.” Never heard Ole Miss fans use “Hotty Toddy” in such a way. I think the War Eagle is more prominent from a greeting standpoint than “Roll Tide” among Alabama fans.

All this is significant, because there is a significant presence of Auburn fans in the Grove right now. Many have trickled into the stadium. It appears the north end zone wtill be solid orange as well as the southeast corner, and you can certainly see specks of orange intermingled elsewhere right now, 1 hour, 15 mintues before the kick.

I ran into Taylor Hashman in the Grove. The former Ole Miss baseball player just had surgery Wednesday to have a piece of his head reattached. He was joined in the Grove by former Ole Miss player Kyle Henson. He was smiling, talking and moving like he had some place to be. So, still good news on the recovery front for Hashman.

Auburn specialists are on the field now. The Tigers are wearing their Navy home jerseys as expected. No Ole Miss players are on the field yet.

Beautiful weather, and it should be a great evening for football.

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