Basketball preseason prospectus | Ole Miss Sports

A few odds and ends here from the preseason basketball release sent by media relations …

Ole Miss coach Andy Kennedy on his expectations for the season

“My expectations are always very high,” said Kennedy, the first coach in school history with four 20 win campaigns. “I believe in what we’re doing. There’s a very fine line between winning and misery, and there really is no in-between. For us, the fact that we’ve won 105 games and 20 games four times in five seasons, we’ve had some success. It’s a matter of sustaining a level of consistency and when we have our opportunities, taking advantage of them.”

Kennedy’s take on replacing Chris Warren and Zach Graham:

“The only way I look at it is there’s opportunity there from the void of minutes that’s left from what Chris and Zach brought to the table,” Kennedy said. “No one is going to bring the exact skill set that Chris brought. What we have to do as a staff is once we’ve evaluated the abilities of our players, put them in a position to be successful.”

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