Best of Media Day | Ole Miss Sports

A scheduling note. I will be at the capital campaign announcement tonight, not at practice.
In the meantime, here are some of the best quotes I picked up while moving from table to table in the IPF banquet room at media day yesterday.

From Arkansas transfer Matt Hall on his relationship with Houston Nutt and why it was a good decision for him to move from Fayetteville to Oxford. Nutt recruited Hall for Arkansas before taking the Ole Miss job.

“Coach Nutt’s a great, great guy. He’ll sit and tell you the truth. He’s a rah, rah guy, but recruiting is all about a personal fit. With my personality, I fit more with coach Nutt. At Arkansas, I was up there with a completely different guy. I just realized that was a mistake. I was lucky coach Nutt gave me the opportunity to come over here.”

From quarterback Barry Brunetti on the freshman class

“With this freshman class, I see All-Americans. That’s all I see, defense and offense.”

From senior tailback Enrique Davis commenting on the growth of Bradley Sowell from Sowell’s first SEC start at South Carolina in 2009 to now.

“When you throw a lamb to the wolves it’s not going to be pretty, but he became a wolf himself. I’m glad just to be able to get a chance to play with a guy like him. Brad’s an athlete, can put him at offensive line, tight end. I knew he would progress and get better.”

From Bradley Sowell, his perspective on his growth and the preseason attention he’s receiving.

“It’s a silent way of saying, showing people, all the doubters, that I wasn’t ever going to give up and it never got me down.”

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