Bolden discusses suspension | Ole Miss Sports

Comments from Brandon Bolden today after practice. He discusses his suspension, a lesson learned, he says. …

(Where did you watch the game?) I just watched it from home. It was bad. It felt horrible. Actually, since it was all four of us, me, AJ and Tank piled up at AJ’s house and watched the game. We didn’t even talk. We just watched the game. We called a couple of plays and just talked about the game.

I saw the look on AJ’s face, after they scored the first touchdown. Everybody’s eyes was big, and it was like, ‘Hey, we might pull this off.’ You could see glimpses. If he would just hold his block, if he would just turn right there. It sucked. That’s what we do. We out there trying to coach on the field. You saw guys trying to step up and take those positions, and I felt horrible. All of us felt horrible.
It was like a snowball effect. It was bad.

(What did you learn from this?) Missing practice is bad, I’ll say that. To not let down my teammates. They were more hurt than anything. The young guys who do look up to me, they were hurt by it the most. I apologized to them, the day we got suspended, I apologized to everybody. Letting down my teammates. That’s what really hurt me. Missing the game was bad, but letting down my teammates and knowing I lget them down, that hurt.

(Did you get a copy of the game program?) It was ironic, very ironic. We were in here before they showed up before the walk of champions. All the trainers kept looking at me, and I was like, ‘Man what are y’all looking at?’ Then I went to my locker. There were about six of them piled up right there.

(Worry this will impact your pro stock?) I’ll have to explain it just like I’m explaining it to you guys. I messed up. It was a bad decision on my part. Believe me, it won’t ever happen again.

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