Boone calls for support, players say they have the passion | Ole Miss Sports

From the mother ship, our take on Pete Boone’s visit to Houston Nutt’s weekly football presser. It was a bit of an odd scene with Pete talking and Houston sitting off to the side.

A false report got out just prior to the start of the 1:30 presser that Pete Boone was about to resign. That report was wrongly attributed to AP writer David Brandt, who was sitting a few chairs away and was horrified to find what he’d “reported.”

We really didn’t expect major personnel change yesterday. The fact that Houston attended Pete’s portion of the presser and chancellor Dan Jones did not confirmed no major news was coming in the next 30 minutes.

When the dust settled players came in for interviews, but there was nothing regular about the regular Monday presser.

For their part, players believe they’re showing the passion that Boone says is missing.

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