Boone discusses ADs meeting | Ole Miss Sports

Ole Miss athletics director Pete Boone said the meeting with his contemporaries in Birmingham Wednesday was to discuss scheduling concepts for football but also for basketball and other sports.

He stressed the word “concepts” and said no final actions were taken.

Boone said he envisions possible movement on the 2012 Ole Miss football schedule but doesn’t believe any contracts will be broken.

“The goal would be to minimize the movement. I’m not sure who might be involved, but I think we can do it with a minimum,” he said.

It’s possible, though, that a nine-game SEC schedule, if that’s what evolves, could affect contracts for future non-conference games with Texas, Clemson and others.

“I do think depending on whether we stay at an eight-game SEC schedule or go to nine, if it’s eight, maybe we do what we do with Texas and Clemson and some others. If it’s nine, maybe we don’t do that. We have eight tough SEC games now,” Boone said.

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