Brewer goes extra mile to combat skin cancer | Ole Miss Sports

There are a lot of health concerns on a football field. Skin cancer isn’t usually at the top of the list, unless you’ve had a history with it, as Ole Miss wide receivers coach Gunter Brewer has.

Brewer had a scare with it when he was coaching at Marshall, and he goes to great lengths to protect himself these days. From the mother ship today, Brewer explains why he dresses like it’s about to snow in the midst of the August heat. It has nothing to do with the temperatures.

While working on the Brewer feature one of his players, third-year sophomore Ja-Mes Logan, had this to say about his new coach: “He stays on us. I tell you one thing, we can trust him. If a vet, an older guy is doing something he’s not supposed to do, he’ll move him to the D group. You get less reps, knowing he’s going to see how you react. Are you going to step up your game or just get over there and pout?”

A little more from Brewer here on the progress of the receivers in camp.

Regarding a decision he must make on the playing rotation, Brewer says, “It’s up in the air, but we are getting there. It’s kind of like the quarterback position we’ve got three deep at most spots and we are letting those guys battle it out. The later you name one the more they have to keep bringing it everyday. Whoever played the best that day, I try to put them at the front of the line so they have to earn it. It’s a lot better that way and eventually you have to settle in, but the good thing is we are all comfortable with the guys out there because most of them were here all summer and worked hard this spring.”

A lot of his freshmen have done good things, but right now Donte Moncrief has really caught Brewer’s eye.

“Donte Moncrief is probably standing out the most right now, battling for that starting spot and doing a very good job with it. Right now Melvin has some bumps and bruises which has allowed Donte to get a lot more reps and he has taken advantage of it. So we’re proud of him.”

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