Brewer hoping his deep threat is on campus | Ole Miss Sports

Wide receivers coach Gunter Brewer has listened to Ole Miss fans bemoan the lack of a deep threat since the departure of Mike Wallace.

As passing game coordinator a downfield attack is something he wants to establish, and he’s not convinced his man isn’t on campus.

When the Rebels got deep last year it was usually with senior Markeith Summers, who led the team with 575 yards and six touchdown catches.

Brewer says his early scouting reports have told him some of his smaller guys – He named Philander Moore and Korvic Neat specifically – have get-deep speed, but Brewer says it’s not all about speed.

“Sometimes it’s about route-running ability. If a guy’s not known for great speed, how are you going to play him, tighter or looser? Probably tighter, and then he has a chance to break open quicker. At that point it becomes about technique. All you have to have is leverage and position and a ball thrown over the outside shoulder. If our guy catches the ball 40 yards downfield I consider that a deep throw.”

The top returning receivers, Melvin Harris and Ja-Mes Logan, both averaged roughly 13 yards a catch. Summers averaged 20.5 yards a catch.

Last August the Rebels worked hard to get the ball out quick to sophomore Jesse Grandy, but that play never materialized on Game Day. Grandy averaged 11.2 yards on 20 catches and scored one touchdown. He recently announced he was leaving the program.

“A lot of people think speed is most important, but sometimes it’s not about speed. When you have a Mike Wallace you have both speed and route-running, but how many of those do you have? I’ve not seen or heard of one right now. Hopefully there will be one.”

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