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On MSU tailback Anthony Dixon

“He’ll be the strongest back we’ve seen this year. He’s explosive. He makes the cuts. He has good hands. He catches the pitch on the option, catches the pass out of the backfield. He may be the most complete back we’ve seent his year. He looks lighter on his feet. He has a lot of confidence in his ability right now, and he’s playing really well.”

On Ole Miss freshmen LBs D.T. Shackelford and Joel Kight

“As soon as you think they’re mature they do something idiotic every now and then. But they really have matured. They’ve done a lot in a short period of time. I never expected two true freshmen to really have to contribute as much as they have. They’ve responded well.”

On the development of DT Justin Smith since his injury

“I don’t think he’s at the level he was before his injury, but he’s steadily improving. We hope he’ll be at the point that he can help us on Saturday.”

OC Kent Austin

On the MSU Secondary

“They’re capable of making big plays. They’ve got a couple of really good young players. They’ve got a young safety that I think is a really good player. They’ve got a corner that’s really fast. They play hard. They really to the football. They’ll come up and hit you. It’s a defense that’s very active. They run to the football. The coaches have them playing hard. They’re not going to lay down in any area on any play.”

On MSU DC Carl Torbush (Austin was a player when Torbush was DC at Ole Miss)

“Great man. Really smart. Very well prepared. Players liked him, played hard for him. You see evidence of that same stuff on film. You can always tell when the players play hard for a guy, and I believe their players do. They believe in him.

(on MSU front)

“McPhee is a good player. We’re going to have to control him. It always comes down to your play up front. We have to do a great job controlling the line of scrimmage.”

(On the development of Bradley Sowell)

“Where Bradley has his issues sometime is technique. He’s good athletically. Sometimes fundamentally he has some breakdowns. He has to be technically sound when he plays against the better guys. I’m really proud of how hard he’s worked. Coach Markuson has brought him along and has coached him very well, and Bradley cares. That’s the biggest part of the battle. You have to care enough to get better, and Bradley does.”

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