Checking in from Blue Bell Park | Ole Miss Sports

We passed through a couple of small towns on the drive down from Hillsboro, one of them was very proud to announced the Class A state basketball championship. Wish I remembered the name of the town.

Lots of small mexican restaurants along the way, a few confederate flags.

Blue Bell Park, just completed and in its first season, is a beautiful facility. Immediately there were comparisons to Swayze. For the average fan I’d say Swayze wins out. The number of grandstand seats are about the same. A&M has two levels. The second level has bench-back seats for two-thirds of its seats.

A&M has not yet cultivated an outfield experience, and if it does, it will have to give up some parking in left field. The train track limits seating options in right field but may add to the atmosphere.

I have no doubt the atmosphere is impressive, because A&M fans in support of their teams and their traditions are impressive.

Anyway, A&M right-hander Michael Wacha calls Blue Bell Park the best atmosphere in the nation.

Light rain has been falling today, but the tarp has been removed, and Dayton is on the field right now. Rebels scheduled for a 2 p.m., presser.

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