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Ole Miss offensive coordinator Dan Werner discusses the Rebels’ offense following a 49-27 win over Central Arkansas. …

We settled down at halftime, talked to them about what we needed to do. I thought we played really well in the second half.

On quarterbacks:

I was proud of both of them. We were abuot 80 percent completion percentage and you can’t complain about that.

He (Bo) definitely made some good decisions. I didn’t see one bad decision from the quarterback passing game wise position. The interception was a batted ball.
Running game

That’s tough, two true freshmen played a lot of football today. I really think what they (Central Arkansas) were doing was causing some issues with us. in the second half we narrowed it down. I thought we had a good plan i the second half of what to do to counteract it. They were bringing everybody up in there and when they do that, you’re going to throw the ball.

That’s what we’re hoping to do. We want to spread the ball around air it out a little bit. The more you do that the more people are going to find that you can’t run everybody up in there. That only opens the run game down the road. Some of our passes are called off the run play

On Offensive Line:

I thought we did a good job in the second half. They ran some blitzes that we hadn’t seen before so once we got that narrowed down we were able to make some big plays
The first drive of the second half was the speed we want to play. You could tell they (Central Arkansas) was a little ragged getting into place.

On Bo Wallace:

I thought he played really well. The only thing was close to being a bad throw was battered ball and that’s all you can ask. You make a couple of bad throws, that’s going to happen. the Thing I ‘m looking for is the decision making. I thought he made great decision.

He did a nice job running. The play he popped for 25 yards in the first quarter was a great read against something we hadn’t seen before. he figured it out, pulled it and ran it in.

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