Countdown to Kickoff | Ole Miss Sports

It’s August now, and that means different things for different people. For us it means football.

It’s 34 days until Ole Miss kicks off against BYU, and I embark today on a challenge to count down to kickoff with 34 reasons Ole Miss will be improved.

That’s a tall order for a team picked to finish last in the SEC West. Honestly, I think the Rebels will be improved, but I’m not sure it will show in the win column against a stronger schedule.

I set out on this quest nonetheless, and along the way I encourage you to list your reasons too.

Reasons for improvement could be particular players, coaches, units (running backs, defensive backs, etc.), scheduling, intangibles – there is much that goes into a 12-game season.

On my end, this isn’t a ranking but a random order of possible ways to show improvement.
The first post will be in about an hour … after I shower and think of it.

This is a joint blog effort, by the way, and if you’d like, you can check out the reasons Mississippi State will be improved on Brad Locke’s blog. Brad says he has lots of reasons the Bulldogs will win.

For Ole Miss, if you don’t see your reason – or reasons – listed in the countdown be sure to add them. Even if you do see them, expand the thinking and share your thoughts on why Ole Miss will be a better football team in 2011.

We’ll see if we’re in the ballpark at the end of the year.

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