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The letter is signed below by Broc Kreitz and Archie Manning.

– PA

Fellow members of the M-Club:

This week has been an especially difficult one to be a Rebel. If the loss last Saturday in Nashville wasn’t enough, an anonymous group (not even led by an Ole Miss Rebel) made a conscious decision to disrespect the Ole Miss name through petty and malicious advertisements in the newspaper. Regardless of your opinion of the message, I trust that we all agree the delivery was short-sighted and more harmful than helpful.

The Ole Miss that we love is full of men and women of character, integrity and passion. It’s full of men and women who leave everything on the field for Ole Miss, with everyone from our players to our support staff, coaches and other leaders committed to winning championships the right way. It’s full of men and women who are known even to opposing fans for dignity, grace, and respect for others.

At times, we may disagree with one another, but we must do so the Ole Miss way, with respect and civility. These anonymous and public ads do not help Ole Miss. Those who placed them care more about advancing their personal agendas, whatever they may be, than about Ole Miss. We have no place for disrespect and public attacks on one another. And we have absolutely no place for anyone, while hiding behind the cloak of anonymity, tarnishing Ole Miss to achieve some short-term or other agenda.

This weekend we host an SEC team that wants to win this game as much as we do. But, one thing is for sure – we as fans need to do our part to give our Rebels the support and home field advantage they will need to win.

It’s time to put aside our differences and move forward together.

Go Rebels,

Broc Kreitz

President, M-Club Alumni Chapter

Archie Manning

Class of 1971

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