Forward Rebels group calls for change | Ole Miss Sports

From the print edition this morning, the group Forward Rebels today begins what its website calls its “fall campaign.”

The group has purchased full-page ads in the Journal and other newspapers. The ads were purchased prior to the football team’s 30-7 loss at Vanderbilt Saturday.

Here’s the text:

“A cloud hangs over us. We’re told we’ll never compete in the SEC. That we lack the talent. The fan support. And the funding.

We respectfully disagree.

We believe that Ole Mss can compete in the SEC. And win championships.

We believe that our coaches are not the problem. Or our athletes. Or our fans.

The Ole Miss Administration is the problem.

Our leadership has failed us. And our leadership must be held accountable. Our coaches and athletes deserve it. Ole Miss supporters deserve it.

We’ve waited long enough. We’re tired of losing.

It’s time for a change.”

The last line of the ad encourages people to join the group at

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