Forward Rebels Round 2 | Ole Miss Sports

Ole Miss AD Pete Boone said Sunday evening there was “no accuracy” to the speculation that he would soon resign.

Today, the second round of Forward Rebels ads hit the papers.

The full-page color ad has Boone’s picture, and the text reads:

“It’s time for change, Ole Miss fans. Unacceptable. (This word appears under Boone’s picture.) That’s how Athletic Director Pete Boone described a recent Ole Miss loss. We are Forward Rebels agree. Under Boone’s leadership, Ole Miss has routinely underperformed in the SEC. Coaches have been fired. A generation of athletes have come and gone. But Pete Boone stays? And continues to earn over $429,000 per year. We at Forward Rebels believe THAT is unacceptable. Ole Miss leadership must be held accountable. Ole Miss coaches, athletes and fans deserve no less. It’s time for a change.”

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