Franklin enjoys covering the Rebels | Ole Miss Sports

ESPN broadcaster Ron Franklin, doesn’t hide the fact that he wants Ole Miss to win – in any sport he’s covering. He also keeps those feelings to himself when he’s behind the mike.

“A long time ago a mentor of mine told me, ‘The thing you have to remember if you have to get up and look yourself in the mirror the next day and ask yourself if you did a good job with the telecast, if there was objectivity on both ends and if you covered all the angles.’ Remembering that makes it easy.”

The university points to Franklin among its noteworthy alumni. He doesn’t keep in contact with the administration as much as he once did because of a change in responsibilities at ESPN.

“For 19 years I did prime time and I was in the SEC frequently. Now I do Big 12, which is home for me, because we’ve lived in Texas for 40 years. I was at Ole Miss two weeks ago for the Memphis game. My sister is there, two of her sons with her family. I have an aunt who is 96 who lives there. It’s so much fun to go back and see friends and family. It’s home. It will always be home.”

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