Freeze from SEC teleconference | Ole Miss Sports

Some highlights from Hugh Freeze’s time on the SEC teleconference …

(Opening statement)

We’re a little bit tired of hitting on each other and seeing each other’s schemes. We’re ready to see someone else’s. I’m not sure how any new coach of a program can evaluate exactly where you are, particularly in this league. I’m anxious to get us out and see exactly where we are and what the truth really is.

(Starting quarterback)

We will get together tonight and make a decision. It will be announced tomorrow.

(How much of your offense will you use this week?)

Probably around 60 percent of our offense will be used in these first weeks.

(Concerns about UCA)

The biggest concern we have is they always are picking up the Division 1 transfers that move down, and they have several for this season. We’re not sure how they will fit into their schemes. You know that they have great athletic ability, so that’s always a concern.


The depth is such an issue there on the offensive line that I don’t think we can be totally sold out to what we hope to be in a few years, but there has been considerable improvement. Hopefully we will see that Saturday.

(Freshmen to play this week?)

I’m expecting seven to play, possibly eight.

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