Freeze notes | Ole Miss Sports

A few notes from an early morning sit-down with Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze. …

Back in December Freeze said there were as many as 25 discipline issues that he was having to deal with. Some that meant attitude, some of it academics.
He is pleased with how things are going early on.

Freeze on discipline: “I think that’s going really well. It’s too early in the semester to tell with the ones who have academic issues.”

Co-offensive coordinator Dan Werner and Freeze worked together before at Ole Miss and the offense wasn’t very successful.

“We are different people (now) with a different philosophy,” he said. “That system had been proven to be a good one for a lot of people, but I know what works for me and my personality, and we will be a totally different system now than we were then.”

Freeze said Werner and co-offensive coordinator Matt Luke came on board with the knowledge that he would be a big part of play-calling and will likely call most if not all the plays.

“That’s going to be a process. I wanted them to know before they signed on with me that probably I was going to be heavily involved there. I will lean on them heavily. I have great trust in them that they will have our opponents figured out as well as you can in this league.”

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